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You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Leach Service:

I have only had good experiences here. I used to get bids on car repairs all the time. They were consistently the lower/lowest price and by far the best service. I don't have to wonder if I was given a bad deal. They are the only way to go!


I have the same feeling. They did not tell me everything is broken. This is also why I wanted to try this shop when my neighbor told me the same thing. That was true. I feel comfortable with them.


Nothing but good things at this place. Always lower then everybody and to the guy who sayz they faild him for stuff and went to another place who said it dosnt fail. How,does he no the other guy didnt fix everything


Employees are always excited & remember your name & what you usually buy when you walk in. They now have fountain soda! Love Leach BP.

John P.

Very nice staff that I am happy to support as a local consumer. I haven't had the opportunity to have my car serviced there, but fill up there when I can since they're good people that know the meaning of customer service.

Jason S.

A class act-unusual in an auto-related field I think! Tradition, great customer service, and honesty describe this operation. They are always ready to help.